How NLP is changing the way customer experience teams analyze data

Most organizations today understand the importance of customer experience (CX) teams. With so much customer data available, CX teams have the hefty task of gathering and analyzing data and ensuring that it gets to the right people within the organization. After all, customers are what make products succeed, so it’s in any company’s interest to listen to what they are saying. 

The issue? Customer data is vast, much is unobtainable, it’s overwhelming, and most of it is going down the drain and never being put to good use. It’s seemingly impossible to analyze so much data and distribute it to the right people for their use. 

The solution? Technology. 


The technological answer to customer data: NLP

Natural language processing, commonly known as NLP, is a type of computer science and AI which allows computers to understand language in the same way that humans understand it. This is relevant both to written and spoken language. 

Most people are familiar with NLP due to the devices they own, such as Siri on iPhone, Alexa, Google Home, etc. These devices are all based on NLP technology which allows the phone or device to understand what a human is saying, allowing it to understand the context of a sentence, etc. This is due to the integration of AI, allowing the model to combine statistics, machine learning, and deep learning models. Put these all together and voila! The computer can understand humans.

What does this mean for customer data? A lot. When a computer model can read customer data, algorithms can be created to access and understand data from a wide variety of sources. 

Let’s take a deeper look into how customer experience teams can change the way they work by integrating NLP.


Gathering and analyzing data with NLP

The main problem today with gathering customer data is the extreme waste of time. Analysts have to waste their (already limited) time by searching for data across a wide range of sources, gathering it in a way that will be manageable and accessible afterward, and then diving into the analysis and distribution of the data. 

For many companies, this is simply impossible. Therefore, large amounts of data isn’t collected in the first place, and what is collected isn’t analyzed in the right way or distributed to the stakeholders who can act upon the findings. 

For example, today, customer experience teams may look at data through customer surveys and direct feedback, but won’t branch out into the public realm including app stores, social media, online reviews, etc. This is where NLP comes into play. 

By integrating NLP into customer experience, teams are given a whole new viewpoint into their customers. Using sophisticated technology, NLP can scan public data (and private if the company gives access), allowing thousands of sources of data to be evaluated at the click of a button. After all, NLP understands human speech, and therefore anything that a customer writes, NLP can understand. 

This is a game changer for customer experience teams, as they don’t have to waste their time gathering information anymore. Not only that, today’s technology can help teams sort data, analyze it, and then send it off to the right people in the organization, allowing data analysts to focus on the important stuff that needs to be done. 


Tagado: your key to bringing your customer’s voice to the decision table

At Tagado, exploring customer feedback has literally never been easier. 

Our NLP-based tool allows brands to dive deep into their data without wasting time. This means you can explore customer feedback including sorting by trend, topic, or keyword, share reports quickly, and set up real-time notifications (so you never miss something important!). 

Tagado’s super savvy tool allows you to understand all of the aspects of your digital journey and product.

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