How Tagado is helping transform customer feedback into qualitative data intelligence that drives action

“It’s important for my team to look into what users from specific segments are asking for. What are small and medium businesses asking for? What are mid-market users asking for? What are enterprise users asking for? And Tagado currently is the only tool that I have that can show me that.”

— Sasha Weitzman, CX Knowledge Manager (CRM),

About The Work OS Leader is the leading work operating software platform. To maintain this position, it uses its CX ticketing system as an invaluable source of customer feedback that helps drive product and service development. The CX teams use this to streamline customer services, while the Product teams use it to refine aspects of the product, solve issues and spearheaded development.’s CX Knowledge Managers and Product Analysts are charged with trawling this customer feedback to understand the volume and overall trends in customer sentiment.

Challenges in Utilizing Customer Data

#1: Manual Qualitative Analysis Was Negatively Impacting’s Time to Action

While had been using analysis platforms for quant data, it had been performing all qual analysis manually. This meant sorting through thousands of CX tickets to understand the reasons and motivations behind customer sentiment, basically looking for needles in haystacks to understand how to improve how their customers think and feel about their brand, and which team should take charge of driving this improvement.

“Before using Tagado, it was really hard for me to understand what we were seeing qualitatively without going into each and every ticket. I was not really sure on the qualitative end what our users were really asking and if there was a trend there. There was no way for me to really get concrete answers.”

— Sasha Weitzman, CX Knowledge Manager (CRM),

#2: Data Tagging and Classification Too General for Granularity and Actionability

While CX agents tagged tickets based on their subject matter, this method was too general, requiring a manual search of the thousands and thousands of tickets being created by the CX team every week. There could, for example, be 500 tickets under the same tag, making it impossible to manually go through tickets in an efficient manner to find the trends behind the issues users were raising.

With focusing on a multi-product strategy to generate new growth, and the competition constantly continuing to evolve, the lack of an automated solution to harness qualitative insights from CX ticketing was inefficient and impacting’s ability to understand customer feedback and draw actionable insights to empower decision making.

In order to understand the users’ perspective, we had to conduct interviews and engage in conversations with them to observe how they utilize the system. Although we had a few tables to track user tickets, they were quite complex and did not allow us to easily generate ideas or extract meaningful insights. As a result, we were forced to manually review each ticket because we lacked a single tool that could gather all the data in one place and quickly identify feedback trends.

— Idan Lupo, Product Analyst (CRM),

The Solution: Implementing Advanced AI and NLP to Deliver Real Time and Granular Insights

The implementation process included quick setup and onboarding to provide the optimum fit for’s needs. To achieve this the team at Tagado worked closely with the CX team and product team. Specific fields were created and more filters were added. This was to ensure the teams were able to drill down to get deeper insights as needed, and get the actionable insights they required.

“We’ve worked together with the team from Tagado to customize some of the fields, adding more filters so we can drill down into certain insights to get further understanding.
It really allows us to get into the details of things, both from the perspective the CX Knowledge Team is looking for and also from the Product Team’s side.”

— Sasha Weitzman, CX Knowledge Manager (CRM),

The Result: Real-Time Qualitative Insights to Help Power’s Customer Success Decision Making

The use of Tagado’s AI text analytics now gives unprecedented detail and actionable insights to enhance the customer experience and product development.  This has led to the following results:

#1 Automatically Tagging, Classifying, and Monitoring Customer Feedback in Real Time

By smartly tagging and classifying this data, Tagado allows to filter by the domain and only see questions and enquiries that are related to their specific area of interest.

#2 The Instant Prioritization of Customer Issues

Tagado identifies the most urgent issues, emerging trends, sentiment shifts, valuable suggestions, pain points, and crucial needs expressed by’s customers, providing alerts in real time.

“We easily found out, using Tagado, about a highly problematic experience customers were having with Excel files within our platform. Tagado was able to show us the experience was very clunky, there were too many steps and that it was a little bit too complicated to input data. So, this was very fast and gave us meaningful insights in order to take action to improve this feature.”

— Idan Lupo, Product Analyst (CRM),

#3 Making Life Easier While Driving Innovation

Tagado’s insights refine product development, optimize UI/UX design, enhance customer experiences to bolster’s quality assurance, fine-tune its offerings, and foster innovation.

As pursues its product-driven growth strategy, Tagado’s monitoring system enables them to track issue trends and assess the outcomes of actions they have taken, resulting in heightened customer satisfaction levels. Using Tagado now can effortlessly make well-informed decisions regarding long-term solutions to drive their success into the future.

“I had to do weeks and weeks of manual work to find specific trends. Now Tagado produces highly granular insights in about two minutes. And the fact it uses AI capabilities to analyze text like a human, considering all subtleties involved, is super exciting.

— Sasha Weitzman, CX Knowledge Manager (CRM),

Discover how Tagado can instantly unlock the insights contained in your CX ticketing system and beyond by booking a demo today.

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