Revolutionizing customer intelligence: The incredible potential of AI text analytics for customer feedback

Elevating customer intelligence

Brands today face various challenges in capturing, analyzing, and utilizing customer data to drive meaningful insights and enhance customer experience. According to the Digital CX & Engagement 2023 Report from Customer Engagement Insider, only 9% of brands feel successful in democratizing data from their digital channels. Additionally, many organizations struggle with personalizing customer experience, making sense of unstructured data, identifying micro trends, understanding customer sentiment, and addressing customer queries. However, with the advent of advanced AI and natural language processing (NLP) technologies, innovative solutions like Tagado are empowering companies to overcome these challenges and unlock the full potential of their customer intelligence strategies.

Challenges of Customer Intelligence

Democratizing customer data: Many brands struggle to consolidate and democratize data from various digital channels, making it difficult to derive actionable insights and drive informed decision-making across the organization.
Personalizing customer experience: Brands often struggle to predict customer needs, engage in personalized conversations, and tailor offerings to individual preferences, leading to suboptimal customer experiences and reduced customer loyalty.
Making sense of unstructured data: Unstructured data, such as customer feedback, support tickets or reviews, can hold valuable insights, but it is often challenging to analyze and extract meaningful information from this data due to its unstructured nature.
Identifying micro trends: Micro trends, such as emerging preferences or changing customer behaviors, can have a significant impact on the customer experience, but identifying them manually can be time-consuming and challenging.
Understanding Customer Sentiment: Understanding customer sentiment goes beyond quantitative behavioral data and requires analyzing qualitative feedback to gain insights into customer perceptions, preferences, and emotions.
Addressing customer queries: Addressing customer queries in a timely and personalized manner can be challenging, especially when dealing with high volumes of inquiries across multiple channels.

Introducing Tagado – An innovative AI text analytics platform

Tagado is an advanced AI and NLP-based text analytics platform that addresses the challenges of customer intelligence and empowers organizations with actionable insights from customer feedback data. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, Tagado offers a range of functionalities that can transform unstructured data into accessible and valuable information for organizations.

Experience the power of Tagado’s magical features

Data integration: Tagado integrates data from various customer data sources into a single business intelligence tool, making it easy for organizations to consolidate and democratize their data, and gain a holistic view of their customers.
Real-time customer feedback alerts: Tagado uses machine learning algorithms to recognize customer challenges and struggles in real-time, providing organizations with insights to proactively address customer issues and enhance their experience.
Consistent tagging and classification: Tagado employs advanced tagging and classification algorithms to analyze and categorize all types of customer feedback, transforming unstructured data into organized and understandable insights that can be easily utilized by teams across the organization.
Micro trends identification: Tagado identifies micro trends by analyzing customer feedback data and highlighting patterns and emerging preferences that may be difficult to detect manually, enabling organizations to stay ahead of customer behavior shifts.
Deep sentiment analysis: Tagado goes beyond quantitative behavioral data and provides deep sentiment analysis of qualitative feedback in a detailed manner, helping organizations gain a better understanding of customer sentiment, preferences, and emotions.
Open questions functionality: Tagado features an open questions functionality that operates like chatGPT, using the collected textual data from customers across all channels to provide answers to customer queries, helping organizations automate responses and improve customer service.


In today’s data-driven business landscape, organizations need advanced tools like Tagado to unlock the full potential of their customer intelligence strategies. With its innovative AI and NLP-based functionalities, Tagado empowers organizations to integrate and analyze customer feedback data, recognize customer challenges in real

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