Tagado Announces Advances in Generative AI and ML to Deliver Unrivaled Granular And Actionable CX Insights

NEW YORK, Sept. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Tagado, the AI analytics provider of high-res CX data intelligence, has announced the innovative utilization of advances in Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAI) and Machine Learning (ML) to deliver unrivaled, finely tuned, actionable granular insights from customer feedback. This innovation instantly aligns teams using Tagado in real-time around what customers want and need, to boost satisfaction, retention and growth.

Tagado’s advances in AI and ML create a further gulf between competitors and the actionable customer insights it delivers from text-based customer feedback. These can be generated for any set of feedback using filters to target, for example, specific product areas, user types, date ranges, and more. Results are then tagged and clustered into groups, allowing teams to use insights to drive business excellence.

Tagado’s granular, actionable CX data empowers businesses to answer fundamental questions, such as reasons behind customer churn, issues putting Annual Recurring Revenue at risk and top customer complaints. These types of questions can be answered in minutes, rather than the weeks or months of investigation using current methods, thanks to Tagado’s custom-trained NLP models, generative AI (integrated throughout the analytics process) and ML analysis.

“By incorporating ground-breaking AI technology, we can now, for the first time, offer instant, actionable and granular CX insights in real-time on Tagado’s innovative platform,” says Eli Lepkifker, CTO & Co-founder at Tagado. “This enables all teams within organizations to uncover the ‘why’ and ‘where’ behind customer sentiment, and instantly know who needs to act upon it and how.”

Tagado’s innovation finally bridges the gap between customer feedback and business insights, allowing businesses to analyze massive amounts of feedback, from multiple, cross-referenced channels for very specific missions, such as improving retention rates, helping set and prioritize product roadmaps and ensuring an optimal, data-driven customer experience.

About Tagado

Tagado is an AI-based CX data intelligence platform providing high-res actional insights from customer data to empower managers across organizations to skyrocket efficiency, and align all teams around what customers truly want and need. Using custom-trained NLP models, advanced ML and Generative AI, the Tagado platform consolidates and structures any source of feedback data throughout the customer experience, in one single pane of glass with an all-you-can-filter menu to revolutionize the instant transparency of customer sentiment.

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Roni Dagan

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