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Using metrics to gain a deep understanding of the why behind customer sentiment is paramount for all customer experience (CX) teams. The problem is the difficulty, time and effort involved in turning these metrics, garnered from CX data, into actionable insights to drive decision-making. Tagado is the only analytics platform that delivers actionable insights in real time and answers any question from your entire CX data set using qualitative analysis, in a way every team can make sense of. The result is less time working on data, and more time taking action.

Increase Value of Existing CX Data

Make the most out of all channels of feedback data you already own, to promote a culture that is both customer and data obsessed. You’ll benefit from instant customer segmentation that fuels personalization programs

Revolutionize CX Data Analysis

Derive accurate intelligence from leading-edge, unified data tagging and classification across all customer feedback data sources.

Gain Increased insight Granularity

Go beyond text to effortlessly incorporate a wide range of your customer parameters, whether it's location, type, lifetime value, or any other filtering option.

Access Real-Time Insights

Gain actionable high-res insights digestible by every customer-focused team and undertake root cause analysis for every customer metric you need.

Democratize Your CX Data

Democratize all knowledge by getting the right data to the right people to gain a deep understanding of the why behind the sentiment.

Monitor Impact Over Time

Assess CX initiatives over time to measure their impact on churn, retention and growth. This helps ensure better ROI from each customer focused initiative.

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