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Product teams are ultimately tasked with conducting root cause analysis of every problem customers encounter while using the product. But while customer feedback from ticketing, reviews and app metrics offers some insights, the generic way this data is being analyzed fails to deliver the nuanced understanding of user behavior. By using the right AI solution to analyze their CX data, product teams will benefit by gaining actionable insights to ensure agile data-driven product development.

React Quickly to Changing Customer Needs

Access actionable insights to pivot quickly to changes in customer sentiment, while prioritizing the actions that matter most to maximize product value and boost users and stakeholders satisfaction.

Create Product Roadmaps with Confidence

Benefit from automated analysis to instantly create product roadmaps without heavy or even manual analysis work.

Enjoy Seamless Collaboration

Democratize all knowledge by getting the right data to the right people to collaborate seamlessly with CX, dev-ops and service teams using actionable high-res insights digestible by every team member.

Ensure Faster Development Cycles

Shorten development cycles while quantifying revenue opportunities by cross referencing feedback analytics with ARR and other customer revenue metrics.

Measure Business Impact

Monitor product initiatives and improvements to measure ROI and link to business impact.

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