Your customers are talking to you everywhere, do you need to listen?

Your customers are everywhere. Do you need to listen to everything that they are saying? 


But you do need to listen to the important stuff. With all the noise out there, the question is how do you figure out where your customers are talking to you, what the important stuff is, and how to organize it? 

When it comes to customer feedback, the question facing most companies is “do we really need to listen?”. After all, most organizations have a customer feedback system of some sort in place, a way to figure out what their customers are thinking, and even if they don’t, they improve products based on what they think their customers need. Is that enough?

While the answer depends on a company’s goals, position, and more, the clear answer is that ignoring meaningful customer feedback means leaving a wide range of opportunities on the table. 

Let’s dive into the world of customer feedback a bit more 

The benefits of gathering meaningful customer feedback

It’s probably obvious that listening to customer feedback is a productive method of increasing customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. The issue is that there is so much, that often most, if not all, feedback is ignored. What can gathering and listening to customer feedback do to help a company succeed?

1. Stay on top of trends, topics, and keywords

With a wealth of customer feedback, you’ll be able to see what trends, topics, and keywords, are interesting and important to your customers. This is critical as you’ll be able to talk in the language they’re talking (on social media for example), add features to your products that interest your client base, and make sure that your general strategy is in line with what interests your customers today. 

2. Get the info to the right people on your team at the right time

It’s common to think that customer feedback is only relevant for customer success teams. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Customer feedback is relevant to almost all departments in your organization, from product managers to business operations, customer experience, marketing, and more. 

By gathering customer feedback correctly, you’ll be able to share relevant data with the correct people in your organization, allowing them to improve or maintain things that the customers love. 

3. Give your team the chance to focus on the important things and not gathering (and analyzing) data! 

Let’s face the truth: gathering data is a long and tedious process. You know you have great analysts that work at your company, but unfortunately, they are stuck gathering data, and then starting to analyze it all day long.

Luckily, technology, such as Tagado’s tool, are changing the way that analysts on your team work. Gone are the days that they waste their time on tasks that are time wasters. With customer feedback analysis tools, they’ll be able to dive into analysis that really matters, boosting profitability, and customer satisfaction. 

4. Increase loyalty by listening to your people

Why do customers share feedback? Because they want to be heard. 

By showing your customers that you care about what they have to say, and implementing their comments and concerns, you’ll boost loyalty and build a loyal customer base. This is critical in today’s constantly changing and increasingly competitive market. 


Tagado: making listening to relevant customer noise easier than ever

Here at Tagado, we’re proud to do the dirty work for you. We’ll gather your customer feedback (based on your requests regarding the type of data you want and from where), and serve it to you on a golden platter (not literally, but our dashboard is pretty cool). 

What does this mean for your success? You’ll take the data and actionable insights that we provide 

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