Solving the support ticket overload: How Tagado and NLP technology can help

NLP technology & better understanding customer  support  As companies continue to seek out innovative ways to improve their customer service experience, AI technology has emerged as a game-changer in the B2B space. In particular, NLP technology has enabled the development of new tools and processes that were once unimaginable. With computers now able to understand […]

The AI tool that’s empowering product development teams to make better decisions

For a long time, digital companies have struggled to connect their technical teams to the business side, leading to a disconnect between departments and assumptions that the business side should be responsible for development priorities. Until now, product analytics and optimization have been based solely on quantitative data collected throughout the user journey and user […]

Revolutionizing customer intelligence: The incredible potential of AI text analytics for customer feedback

Elevating customer intelligence Brands today face various challenges in capturing, analyzing, and utilizing customer data to drive meaningful insights and enhance customer experience. According to the Digital CX & Engagement 2023 Report from Customer Engagement Insider, only 9% of brands feel successful in democratizing data from their digital channels. Additionally, many organizations struggle with personalizing […]

The rise of NLP technology: A new era in customer feedback analytics

Facts and trends about how NLP technology is changing customer feedback analytic As Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology continues to evolve, the deep and powerful insights it can provide to customers is becoming more clear. NLP technology has vastly improved customer feedback analytics allowing businesses to gain a much deeper understanding of customer needs and […]

Tools for success: Enhancing customer retention with new technology

With budget cuts on the rise, companies need to make customer retention a top priority. AI is making it possible for businesses to innovate with new tools such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) to effectively understand customers’ needs at scale. In this article, we will explore how implementing NLP technologies can help increase customer loyalty […]

From reactive to proactive: Using NLP to anticipate and meet customer demands

Today’s customers are increasingly demanding more from businesses, and the internet and connectivity tools have significantly altered how customer-business relationships work. A Salesforce study revealed that over three-quarters of customers want companies to understand their needs while 84% emphasize the importance of being treated as a person rather than just another number. It has therefore […]

Bringing your customers' voice to the decision table