Is your team wasting time managing inaccurate support data as a result of ununified tagging?

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Analysts and researchers

Say goodbye to wasting time due to inaccurate tagging and shift your attention to what truly matters – your data insights. Is time to integrate advanced qualitative data analysis into the realm of your BI.

All your customer feedback in one place

Seamlessly integrate all channels of customer feedback, providing a centralized location to monitor and analyze overall textual activity. Gain a comprehensive understanding of customer thoughts and sentiments.

Unified tagging and classification

Leveraging NLP models and ML algorithms, our platform automatically tags and classifies your data, making it easily accessible and navigable. Effortlessly explore and extract valuable insights, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness.

AI insights engine and alert

Activate AI-powered technology to identify hidden patterns and trends within their data. The platform’s robust algorithms and automatic insights engine enable professionals to uncover valuable information that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Monitoring insights and impact over time

Stay on top of your issues with our powerful monitoring system. See the impact of your actions and get a better understanding of what resolutions and action plans work best. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to informed decision-making.

Advanced prompt functionality

Ask the platform direct questions and receive comprehensive answers based on the integrated textual data. This powerful feature streamlines the research process, saving time and effort by providing precise responses and insights for strategic decision-making.

Customer meta-data integration

We go beyond text analytics by offering advanced filtering options with your customer metrics, such as customer tier, location, tenure, lifetime value, and more. This integration enhances the analysis’s depth, enabling analysts to derive valuable insights tailored to specific customer segments.

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