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Top 10 User Feedback Tools

Companies can’t underestimate the importance of providing a positive customer experience, and they are increasingly focused on listening to customer feedback to create products that better meet their needs. Studies show that 63% of customers expect companies to know their unique requirements and meet their needs. These expectations place a heavy burden on companies that must keep up with constant customer feedback scattered across various platforms. Manually gathering all the relevant input and transforming it into actionable insights is inefficient and resource-draining. This is where user feedback tools come in.

Why you need a User Feedback Tool?

You can implement user feedback tools on your website, a social media platform, or mobile apps to gather information on how your users feel about your service or product. While there is a wide range of tools available, each with different features and capabilities, a user feedback tool gives you unique and unfiltered insight into how your customers truly feel about your product. More traditional customer feedback routes such as surveys or requests for reviews will only provide a limited view into the insights of a tiny percentage of users. At the same time, a plethora of information that you can use to upgrade your product remains available but just out of reach, scattered across other platforms.

When it comes to user feedback, the more information you can gather, the better. Many tools will analyze the data collected and present it in a clear and easy to view dashboard, allowing you to get a bigger picture view of your customers’ needs and adjust your product to meet them. While most tools have general features such as data dashboards or analysis capabilities, each solution is unique, so you must test them to find the one that meets your organization’s needs.

The Top 10 User Feedback Tools

Your user feedback tool can become the catalyst for product improvement and lead to higher sales and customer retention, but first, you must ensure you choose the right tool. We’ve collected a list of the top ten tools currently on the market to help you find the tool that best meets your needs.

1. Loop


Loop is a visual customer feedback tool that includes screenshot plug-ins you can integrate directly into your website and an embedded forum that allows website visitors to vote on submitted feedback. These plug-ins give you the user feedback you need to make strategic product decisions and to identify bugs. The system also has an email alert feature that notifies you whenever someone replies to a comment allowing you to respond appropriately.

Pricing: plans start with a free option. Premium starts at $26 a month with a yearly subscription.

Best for: Companies looking to collect and curate user feedback from their own website.


  • Includes a screenshot plug-in
  • Provides readable visual feedback


  • Limited features


2. Hotjar


Hotjar has many high-profile clients, such as Adobe, Shopify, and SurveyMonkey. This solution’s features include visitor recordings and heatmaps showing how users are scrolling, clicking, and exploring your site. The solution’s conversion tunnels also help identify where users are dropping off the website and how to increase website time. Other features include form analysis that determines how long users take to fill out fields and polls that reveal the logic behind user decisions.

Pricing: Starts at $31 per month

Best for: Viewing heatmaps and medium to large companies looking to accommodate users’ needs.


  • Advanced features such as heatmaps
  • Flexible survey features


  • The interface can be counter-intuitive
  • User tracking sessions are limited


3. Feedier


Feedier is a customer feedback management solution that allows you to collect customer feedback from various sources and analyze it with the solution’s multiple features. The solution includes reporting tools such as bar graphs, pie charts, and more and includes filters, tags, and keyword manager features to simplify data analysis.

Pricing: Available on request

Best for: Gathering anonymous feedback and communication management, particularly for small to large organizations.


  • Easy to use
  • Allows the creation of user surveys


  • Confusing terminology
  • Reports only show overall feedback


4. Tagado Tagado

Tagado gathers all the information your customers leave across platforms and websites into one location, allowing you to make strategic data-based product decisions. The solution collects data, automatically organizes it, and provides detailed feedback, as well as competitive feedback analysis. With the data gathered across platforms, you can discover new opportunities for product updates and quickly identify and mitigate areas of improvement. The system also offers automated product insights based on user needs expressed in its collected feedback.

Pricing: starts at $499 per month

Best for: Gathering insightful user feedback from internal and external sources that can be used to drive product evolution.


  • Offers competitive analysis 
  • Automated data segmentation 


5. Clarabridge


Clarabridge, now acquired by Qualtrics, uses interactive tools to collect customer feedback, while its Engage feature uses engagement software and conversation analytics to determine customers’ needs. The solution also provides pre-designed survey templates, speeding up the survey creation process. Additionally, the CX Studio feature alerts users whenever nuance is detected in customer feedback, allowing users to review the feedback for accuracy and relevance.

Pricing: Available on request.

Best for: Text analytics and natural language responses, designed to service small to large businesses.


  • Clear reporting
  • Nuanced analysis that can gauge emotion from customer responses


  • Unintuitive interface
  • Answers are not connected to individual threads


6. Canny


Canny is a solution utilized by various high-profile companies like Lyft and MongoDB. The solution uses a three-step system that allows you to collect feedback, analyze and use the feedback to plan your roadmap, and then share updates with your customers to let them know that the features they want are ready for use.

Pricing: Free version available. Premium starts at $400 per month.

Best for: Companies of any size looking for user feedback to improve their product.


  • Includes a 14-day free trial
  • Allows you to utilize feedback to make informed decisions


  • Old-fashioned interface
  • No global search; searches must be done by category


7. allows SaaS companies to organize the feedback they receive from all platforms and teams (such as support, product, and sales teams) and consolidate all the information into a single place. In addition, Parlor allows users to categorize and analyze feedback, giving users the ability to prioritize more urgent feedback or prioritize feedback by its potential impact on the product. Parlor’s features also let users collect feedback through surveys and feature previews.

Pricing: Starts at $50 a month

Best for: Managing user relationships for businesses of all sizes.


  • Collect timely and relevant information
  • Create personalized roadmaps based on customer feedback


  • Set payment structure
  • Creating user surveys can be complicated


 8. UserReport


UserReport acts as an integrated part of your app or website to collect user reports and surveys. Unlike most of the tools on this list, this solution focuses on collecting user feedback directly through customer reports and surveys rather than gathering information given voluntarily from various sources. 

The solution can provide users with easy-to-understand figures such as NPS (Net Promoter Score) to represent customers’ overall satisfaction while providing specific insights from feedback widgets.

Pricing: Quote available by contacting company representatives

Best for: Surveys and gathering user feedback


  • Allows you to gather direct user feedback
  • Offers easy-to-understand numerical scores


  • Limited features
  • Only gathers feedback from one source and directly from users


 9. InMoment


Unlike most of the tools here, InMoment can be used to collect employee feedback and market research and provide regular customer feedback data. The system provides customer journey maps and big-data dashboards that make keeping up with customers’ journeys a more straightforward task. Additionally, the solution can capture collective and individual customer feedback through action planning and case management tools.

Pricing: Available on request

Best for: Market research and customer feedback analysis for medium to large organizations.


  • Holistic CX management
  • Provides employee and customer feedback


  • Customization is complicated
  • There is a steep learning curve for beginners


10. UserBrain


UserBrain’s customer feedback tool utilizes surveys and testers to collect in-depth customer insights. The tool allows users to create their surveys and user tests, giving testers the ability to record videos, capture their screens, and leave audio comments providing feedback on their experience with the product. Test scenarios are based on your user demographics and account for features such as users’ age, sex, and location.

Pricing: Pay-as-you-go option starts at $35 per tester

Best for: User testing and providing real-time reports and sentiment analysis. The solution is designed for businesses of all sizes. 


  • Can target specific demographics
  • Provides real-time insights into the user experience


  • It doesn’t support mobile surveys
  • Video creation features can be confusing


What to look for in a user feedback tool?

While it’s essential to find the tool that ideally meets your organization’s needs, some factors apply across the board. For example, gathering user feedback from both internal and external sources allows you to gather diverse information that can help advance your product. Additional functionalities such as competitor analysis and automatically organizing data ensure that your product keeps up with the competition and no time is wasted on unnecessary labor. Tagado includes all the essential features to improve productivity and customer feedback visibility, giving you the insights you need to tailor your product to your customers’ requirements. Get in touch with Tagado today.

Bringing your customers' voice to the decision table