From NPS scores to AI text analytics: The future of measuring customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is an essential metric used by businesses, as it helps them understand how their products and services are performing in the eyes of customers. Traditional methods like NPS surveys, and feedback forms often have limited reach due to being time-consuming, not always getting enough traction, being open to bias, or providing just overall scores without the possibility of drilling down into details or better understanding the specific customer pain points, challenges, and highlights.
To truly gain insights into areas where they can improve offerings, companies should look beyond these outdated techniques towards new innovative solutions that offer deeper insight while still providing a quick turnaround time – and AI text analytics is one of them.

AI text analytics and the new way of understanding customer satisfaction

AI text analytic tools can revolutionize the way companies assess customer satisfaction, offering a powerful and uniquely insightful window into consumer preferences. By leveraging advanced NLP technology to parse through volumes of feedback data, businesses can gain an unprecedented understanding of their customers’ needs – enabling them to design targeted strategies for increasing overall levels of satisfaction.
Understanding customer satisfaction has become easier and more detailed than ever with the advent of natural language processing (NLP). By breaking down feedback into its individual elements, themes, topics, and subtopics, companies now have a laser-focused view on strengthening their services, products, or experiences to delight customers.
NLP makes it possible for businesses to identify what exactly needs improvement – allowing them to create even better experiences that increase overall consumer loyalty and retention.
By leveraging NLP technology, businesses can gain tremendous access to customer feedback and use it to make data-driven decisions when refining their product offerings. This gives them the opportunity to identify areas of improvement from a unique customer standpoint – essential for making effective prioritizations that meet customers’ needs in an ever-evolving marketplace.
AI text analytic tools are providing companies with unprecedented levels of detail to create actionable plans and formulate strategies that ensure an improved experience for their patrons. Consequently, these solutions serve as a powerful tool in making sure the needs of consumers continue to be met.

Five advantages of using NLP tools against of NPS surveys:

NLP tools NPS surveys
Feedback categorization Automatic and unified tagging help companies identify the most relevant themes and issues Categorization based only on survey questions breakdown without real possibility of drilldwon
Sentiment analysis Analyze customer sentiment to gain a better understanding of how they feel about specific concerns, services or product features No insight into specific emotions or attitudes provided by NPS surveys, only measure overall satisfaction.
Real time insights Continuously gather customer feedback, providing real-time insight, and allowing businesses to respond quickly to emerging trends and issues. Collected on a periodic basis, this type of survey provides businesses with information that only applies to a specific period of time.
Personalization Identify patterns and trends in customer feedback, allowing companies to develop customized marketing campaigns and customer experiences NPS scores do not provide individual preferences, only overall results.
Operational efficiency Automatic feedback analysis can improve processes, locate inefficiencies in operations, and overall get access to useful data across departments Improved efficiency of internal processes cannot be achieved through NPS surveys


NLP technology is shaking up the customer satisfaction game, providing companies with incomparable insight into their customers’ needs and expectations. Now more than ever it’s possible to create strategies that will monitor customer satisfaction on different levels and breakdowns, enabling companies not only to increase customer loyalty but also boost their bottom lines.  

Now more than ever it is clear: NLP technologies are setting a new standard for customer satisfaction moving forward.

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