Navigating the self-served support landscape: How Tagado elevates knowledge base management

For years, companies have grappled with the challenge of managing an ever-increasing number of support tickets and customer demands. As digital products grow in complexity, organizations have turned to self-served help centers as a solution to alleviate the strain on support teams. These centers have long been recognized as a preferred method for users to independently resolve their issues without the need to engage with representatives. However, despite their existence, knowledge base managers face persistent pain points that hinder their ability to meet the rising support demand. This is where Tagado, the most advanced text analytics platform, steps in to revolutionize knowledge base management and empower professionals to work efficiently, independently, and with measurable success.

The expanding support demand:

The statistics surrounding support demand paint a vivid picture of the magnitude of the challenge faced by large companies. Over the years, self-served help centers have emerged as a preferred avenue for customers seeking solutions, with an overwhelming majority preferring to resolve issues on their own. In fact, studies indicate that approximately 80% of users prefer self-service options over interacting with customer representatives. This preference stems from a desire for convenience, efficiency, and the ability to find immediate answers. However, as support demand continues to surge, knowledge base managers face an uphill battle to provide comprehensive and effective self-service solutions to meet these evolving customer needs.

The pain points of self-served help centers:

While self-served help centers have been in existence for some time, knowledge base managers encounter persistent challenges that impede their success. One significant pain point revolves around the inability to measure the impact of their work accurately. Without the means to track and assess the effectiveness of their efforts, knowledge base managers are left in the dark, unable to optimize their strategies or allocate resources efficiently. This lack of visibility hampers their ability to address customer pain points effectively, resulting in a suboptimal support experience.

Moreover, knowledge base managers often find themselves heavily reliant on external data provided by support teams, limiting their independence in identifying genuine customer pain points. Relying solely on data presented from another department restricts their ability to gain firsthand insights into customer issues and trends. This reliance creates a disconnect and can hinder the knowledge base managers’ capacity to proactively address emerging problems, ultimately impacting customer satisfaction levels and increasing support costs.

The need for a transformative solution that addresses these pain points and empowers knowledge base managers to deliver exceptional self-service experiences is clear. Tagado, with its advanced text analytics platform, offers the ultimate solution for knowledge base managers, enabling them to overcome these hurdles and propel their organizations into a new era of efficiency, effectiveness, and autonomy.

Introducing Tagado: Empowering knowledge base managers:

Tagado revolutionizes knowledge base management, offering a suite of advanced features that empower knowledge base managers to overcome their pain points and enhance customer support.

Unified tagging for support tickets

By seamlessly integrating with support ticket platforms, Tagado automates the tagging and classification process, transforming unstructured data into a structured format. This allows knowledge base managers to gain a comprehensive understanding of the main themes, topics, sub-topics, and keywords identified by customers. The advanced natural language processing (NLP) technology ensures effortless organization and analysis of customer feedback.

GPT-Like questioning

Tagado’s GPT-like question feature enables knowledge base managers to ask questions and receive platform-generated answers based on customer feedback data. This remarkable capability enables easy identification of users’ primary pain points, facilitating targeted solutions that address their needs effectively.

Automatic identification of customer insights

Tagado goes beyond simple analytics by proactively alerting knowledge base managers to emerging trends and customer issues that are of particular interest. With real-time automatic alerts, knowledge base managers can stay ahead of the curve and respond promptly to evolving customer needs.

Tracking and monitoring issues

Effortlessly track and monitor identified issues with Tagado’s comprehensive tracking capabilities. Gain insights into trends over time and delve deep into customer sentiment across multiple levels of data. By visualizing the impact of various events or actions taken to resolve issues, knowledge base managers can make data-driven decisions and continually improve the support experience.

Following up on the impact of actions

Integrate dates of different actions or events implemented to enhance customer satisfaction, and easily follow up on their effect on ticket volumes under specific content categories. Tagado enables knowledge base managers to measure the success of their initiatives and identify areas for further improvement.

Tagado represents a groundbreaking technology that provides knowledge base managers with an arsenal of tools to redefine their roles. By leveraging its advanced features, knowledge base managers can streamline their workflow, gain valuable insights, and deliver more effective and independent support. With Tagado, the era of empowered knowledge base management has arrived, ushering in a new era of empowered knowledge base management has arrived, ushering in a new era of efficiency, effectiveness, and customer-centricity. By harnessing the power of Tagado, knowledge base managers can navigate the ever-evolving support landscape with confidence, driving customer satisfaction and elevating their organizations to new heights of success. Embrace the future of knowledge base management with Tagado and embark on a transformative journey toward superior customer support.

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