CX Manager Guide:
Using AI and NLP to
Go Beyond NPS

NPS has become a popular way to gauge customer experience. However, its weakness lies in its simplicity. Leading-edge Gen AI and NLP can overcome this by enabling organizations to transform their NPS from a one dimensional score into multidimensional actionable insights.

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The limitations of NPS

How to unlock the secrets hidden behind NPS 

The optimal solution to gain high-res CX intelligence

How actionable insights will increase satisfaction, retention and growth

Transcend the One
Dimensional NPS Metric

Businesses are using NPS to understand customer sentiment, but fail to make sense of the drivers behind how their customers feel. Using AI and NLP to analyze their customer feedback, organizations can decipher the underlying factors steering their NPS, thereby providing comprehensive insights for all departments to enact prompt actions. This integration is poised to revolutionize their NPS approach, elevating their comprehension of customer sentiment from a singular score to a multifaceted array of actionable insights.

Discover how to extract profound insights from customer feedback
to elevate customer satisfaction levels

by refining products and services to better align with your customers' needs.

About Tagado

Tagado is an AI-based customer experience data intelligence platform, providing high-resolution actionable insights that efficiently align all teams around what customers want and need, to boost satisfaction, retention and growth.

Utilize your
entire CX
data set, in one platform

Get high-resolution insights in real-time

Access the root cause analysis of every metric you follow

Drive a culture that is both customer and data obsessed

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