How to use your support tickets as a database for improving your product

Your support tickets are the key to getting into your customers’ minds and understanding what is working (or more specifically what isn’t working) when it comes to your product. 

While all companies aim to be perfect, unfortunately, none are. And that means that there will always be issues, complaints, and unhappy customers. The difference between an effective company looking to improve the customer experience and one that isn’t is what they do with this information. 

Support tickets today

What happens in the typical organization when it comes to support tickets? What KPIs are they looking to reach in order to claim that their process is a success? 

Most companies set KPIs that look at the amount of time it takes to answer each ticket and how many they are able to solve in a certain amount of time. Companies may also take a look at the topics that are coming in but data analysis ends there. After all, with so much stress on the customer service teams, how can they use their time to do anything besides answering more and more customer questions and issues? 

Using customer feedback analysis to look at your support tickets

To put it simply: your support tickets are a gold mine when it comes to understanding your customers. While public data on social media or app store reviews gives decent insights into what your customers are saying about your product, the true ability to dive deeper into understanding what’s good, and more importantly, what isn’t good in your product lies in each and every support ticket that comes in. 

But, as mentioned, you have no way to tackle the vast amounts of data, let alone the time even if you want to. 

This is where NLP technology (Natural language processing) comes into play. 

Using NLP technology to analyze customer support tickets

NLP technology gives you the chance to take all of your customer data, and understand it. That might seem like an obvious goal, but with so much data in customer tickets, it’s a hefty task for the average customer satisfaction team. 

Let’s take a look at a way that NLP can be used to understand customer feedback when it comes to support tickets. 

A company has decided to come out with an exciting new release. It wants to understand the feedback for the release (both good and bad). 

With Tagado, the company is able to tag this specific event in the system, and then clearly see what customers are saying after this specific point in time. This gives them valuable information about their product release’s success, if their team managed to create a useful new feature for its customers, and so much more. 

NLP doesn’t only help with new releases. The same tool can be used for bug fixes. By tracking customer feedback after the bug fix is released, product teams can gain insights into if the bug has been fixed for all, what problems are still arising, and more. 

Another way that teams use NLP to understand support tickets is by tracking insights over time. Let’s say that the company sees that there is a specific feature that customers are less happy about. They can pin this insight to their Tagado dashboard and track customer feedback, to see what specific actions the company takes have an effect on the customer experience.


Tagado: Helping you gain insights from your support tickets 

Your support tickets are a goldmine of information. Now’s the time to turn that information into actionable insights and receive feedback regarding updates and changes in your product. 

Tagado’s NLP-based technology helps companies listen to what their customers are saying in the public and private spaces, and turn that talk into information they can use to improve. 

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