The whole Tagado process is fast and effort-free!

From data gathering to actionable insights takes minutes to a few hours, depending on scope and types of analysis.

As is expected, Tagado has a tight compliance process,
to maintain all standards of security and privacy.
This means that your customers’ data is safe with us.

our product

Main platform features

Advanced machine learning models

We love learning and that’s why our platform is constantly learning from your behavior, improving its classification accuracy and insights creation to match your interests.

Real-time insights

Tagado’s NLP engine automatically detects actionable insights from your customers’ feedback and notifies the relevant stakeholder.

Cutting-edge data exploration

Analyzing your customers' feedback is easier than ever thanks to Tagado's classification, filtering, and feedback summaries. Just click a button and the data you need will be available.

Sharable Reports

Effortlessly produce comprehensive reports showcasing your customers’ satisfaction trends, sentiments, and key insights.

Event Tracking

Mark and setup specific events to monitor their influence on your data.

Tailored alerts and notification

Make Tagado work for you by tracking specific topics, keywords, or trend changes and sending them directly to your email, browser or Slack account.

Advanced Natural language
processing technology

Tagado’s full pipeline of text analysis


Gathering data

Tagado integrates with data points from public and private
sources. Integration is straightforward and easy to implement.
It only takes a few minutes!

Tagado has a list of integrations but the best part is we can
always integrate additional sources based on customer
needs and activity. Analysis can include one or multiple
sources at the click of a button.


Processing textual data

In this step, the Tagado platform processes the customers
data including tokenization, part-of-speech analysis,
dependency parsing, and more.


Building custom dedicated machine learning models

(don’t worry, you don’t have to do anything here!)
These specific models automatically tag topics and entities
within the gathered data. This system is powered by machine
learning models. These models are constantly running and
improve and get more accurate over time for each customer.


Customers receive data

Get the data you’re looking for through our front-end interface.
This highly personalized system allows any customer to analyze
and receive data on what its customers are saying and what the implications are for business.


NLP Technology at your service