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High- resolution actionable insights from your entire CX data set

Spend less time working the data,
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Tagado is an AI- based customer experience data intelligence platform, providing high- resolution actionable insights that efficiently align all teams around what customers want and need, to boost satisfaction, retention and growth.

Using custom- trained NLP models, advanced ML and Generative AI, the Tagado platform automatically tags, classifies, and monitors internal and public customer experience data in real- time, clustering it into granular intelligence that serves CX, product, service, operations and business teams.

Promote a culture that is both customer and data obsessed while showing better ROI from your existing CX data programs

Benefit from instant customer segmentation that fuels personalization programs

Break the data silos with leading edge, unified data tagging and classification across all feedback channels and teams

Democratize customer knowledge with insights all teams around the customer can instantly digest and act upon

Access the root cause analysis engine for every customer metric you follow

Monitor CX initiatives to measure their impact on churn, retention and growth

Limited Time Spring Offer
20% OFF

with a 2 year subscription = $10,000 discount

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Trusted by

Ran Korber

CEO & Co-founder

Having Tagado at our disposal has allowed management and employees to better understand customers’ feedback. The main benefits for us were our ability to quickly understand what our users care about, which features they would like to see added, and thereby to fine-tune our product roadmap and strategy.

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