The rise of AI in CX: Say hello to Tagado’s platform

In today’s era of rapid AI advancement, businesses across industries are eagerly exploring the potential of emerging technologies to enhance their operations. Customer experience professionals, as key drivers of customer satisfaction, face unique challenges in their quest to deliver exceptional experiences. In this article, we will delve into the pain points encountered by these professionals, explore the essential KPIs they strive to fulfill, and demonstrate how Tagado, the most advanced AI text analytics platform, can effectively address these pain points and elevate CX practices to new heights.

The daily CX challenges and essential KPIs

Customer experience professionals are well aware that every interaction matters and that their role encompasses a wide range of tasks. From monitoring customer feedback to analyzing sentiment, identifying pain points, and deriving actionable insights, their work is critical to maintaining customer satisfaction and loyalty. However, they often encounter challenges such as time-consuming processes, overwhelming data volumes, and the need to uncover meaningful insights from vast datasets.
To measure their success, customer experience professionals rely on essential KPIs, including customer satisfaction scores, Net Promoter Score (NPS), customer retention rates, and resolution times. These metrics serve as barometers of CX effectiveness and provide valuable insights for continuous improvement. However, achieving these KPIs requires a streamlined approach to customer feedback analysis that can overcome the challenges faced by CX professionals.

Addressing CX pain points with Tagado

Tagado emerges as the ultimate solution, equipped with a range of powerful features designed to address the pain points encountered by customer experience professionals. Let’s explore how Tagado can effectively tackle these challenges and enhance CX practices.

CX expected result Tagado’s functionality 
Empower data-driven decision-making and facilitates targeted action plans to enhance the customer satisfaction and loyalty. Unprecedented data access: Tagado revolutionizes the way data is accessed and organized, providing unparalleled visibility into the customer feedback landscape. Through unified tagging and AI categorization, professionals gain a comprehensive understanding of customer needs, suggestions, pain points, and preferences.
Save time and eliminate guesswork,  quickly extract applicable insights from the customer feedback, drilling down to the most interesting details and breakdowns. Prompting for answers: Tagado’s prompt functionality eliminates the need for manual data sifting. Customer insights managers can ask direct questions and receive precise responses from the entire dataset.
Identify the main pain point to prioritize. Uncover interesting points, needs, complaints or trends form the customers touch points. AI insights engine and alert: Tagado’s cutting-edge engine automatically identifies and highlights pressing concerns, emerging trends, sentiment shifts, valuable suggestions, pain points, and crucial customer needs in real-time.
Increase customer satisfaction and understanding by constantly evaluating customers opinions. NPS deeper analytics: Tagado elevates NPS surveys with AI text analytics, providing unprecedented detail and actionable insights. It breaks down feedback into elements, themes, and topics, empowering professionals to strengthen services, products, and overall customer interactions.
Track continuity of raised issues and assess the effect of applied actions on overall customer satisfaction. Monitoring issues and impact over time: Tagado enables the monitoring of identified issues over time, allowing professionals to observe their behavior and track the impact of implemented actions. By measuring the effect of these actions on customer feedback, analysts can make informed decisions for long-term issue resolution.
Enhance personalization, enable tailored experiences, and allows professionals to address specific pain points for different customer segments effectively. Customer metrics in filtering: Tagado goes beyond text analytics by offering advanced filtering options that integrate additional customer data. Analysts can easily filter and segment the data based on various customer parameters, such as tier, location, tenure, and lifetime value.


In the dynamic landscape of customer experience, Tagado emerges as a transformative tool that directly addresses the pain points encountered by customer experience professionals. With its unparalleled data access, prompt functionality, AI insights engine and alert, NPS deeper analytics, monitoring capabilities, and customer metrics filtering, Tagado revolutionizes the way CX practices operate. By leveraging Tagado’s advanced features, professionals can unlock deeper insights, make data-driven decisions, and enhance the overall effectiveness and productivity of their CX initiatives.

Embracing Tagado in customer experience practices brings forth a new era of effectiveness, productivity, and customer-centricity. It propels businesses forward, enabling them to deliver exceptional experiences that delight customers and foster loyalty. The unmatched capabilities of Tagado empower customer experience professionals to exceed KPIs, enhance customer satisfaction scores, and ultimately drive business success.

In the realm of AI-driven customer feedback analytics, Tagado stands at the forefront, enabling customer experience professionals to unlock the full potential of their data. Embrace Tagado’s transformative power and embark on a journey towards revolutionizing your customer experience practices. With Tagado as your trusted companion, you can embark on a transformative journey that sets your organization apart from the competition and propels you towards sustainable growth in the era of AI-driven customer experiences.

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