This is what you can DO
with ALL this customer data

Tagado is an AI-based customer experience data intelligence platform, providing high-resolution actionable insights that efficiently align all teams around what customers want and need, to boost satisfaction, retention and growth.

Using custom-trained NLP models, advanced ML and Generative AI, the Tagado platform automatically tags, classifies, and monitors internal and public customer experience data in real-time, clustering it into granular intelligence that serves CX, product, service, operations and business teams.

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Bridging the gap between customer data
and business intelligence

We harness trailblazing AI to provide high-res customer experience insights that make-up a FULL picture, uncovering ALL nuances of customer experience across ALL data sources

Utilize your entire CX data set, in one platform

Get high-resolution insights in real-time

Access the root cause analysis of every metric you follow

Drive a culture that is both customer and data obsessed

High-resolution customer insights
powered by leading-edge AI 


Focus on improving customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty by democratizing customers’ feedback and making it available to everyone within the organization.


Generate a unified tagging system for all your customers’ feedback, you can base it on your organization breakdown or let Tagado’s platform to classify automatically.


Use different levels of categorization to drill down into the data, generate smart reports, set up alerts and monitor by events to be on top of your game.


Plug in into your own insight engine powered by machine learning models that will constantly generate automatic alerts in real-time.

CX data serves ALL

CX data serves ALL

Are you on the business side of operations? Product? Or maybe a customer-facing role? No matter what your position is, it’s important to know what your customers are saying about your product and your brand.

Customer Service Professionals

Benefit from a flow of qualitative customer feedback insights in real time

Customer Experience Professionals

Instantly extract actionable insights from your CX data

Product Professionals

Prioritize the actions that matter most to maximize product value

Customer Operations Professionals

Access high-res customer insights you can make sense out of in an instant

Customer Service Professionals

Swiftly resolve complaints before they become crises

Customer Experience Professionals

Spend less time working on data, and more time taking action.

Product Professionals

Create product roadmaps using automated analysis of customer feedback data

Customer Operations Professionals

Receive instant alerts of significant trends from customer feedback data


Trust us to keep your data safe

Our team is dedicated to crafting enterprise-grade security solutions with your utmost privacy in mind. We never store any sensitive data, and we always honor existing permission settings for complete peace of mind.

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