Turn customer feedback into
business intelligence

Meet the ultimate AI customer feedback analytics platform, powered by machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) models that will revolutionize your customer intelligence, increasing retention and satisfaction. Automatically tag, classify, and monitor your customer feedback in real-time so that you’ll stop guessing and start knowing.

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From customer feedback
to better products

Revolutionize the way you utilize customer feedback with Tagado’s cutting-edge deep text analytics technology. Discover the magic of NLP and unlock the true potential of your data.
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Increase customer satisfaction

Improve user retention rates

Develop data-driven strategies

Supercharge analytics efficiency

You need to understand your customer data.
We’ve got you covered. 


Focus on improving customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty by democratizing customers’ feedback and making it available to everyone within the organization.


Generate a unified tagging system for all your customers’ feedback, you can base it on your organization breakdown or let Tagado’s platform to classify automatically.


Use different levels of categorization to drill down into the data, generate smart reports, set up alerts and monitor by events to be on top of your game.


Plug in into your own insight engine powered by machine learning models that will constantly generate automatic alerts in real-time.

Trust us to keep your data safe

Our team is dedicated to crafting enterprise-grade security solutions with your utmost privacy in mind. We never store any sensitive data, and we always honor existing permission settings for complete peace of mind.


Bring your customers' voice
to the decision table across your organization

Bring your customers' voice to the decision table across your organization

Are you on the business side of operations? Product? Or maybe a customer-facing role? No matter what your position is, it’s important to know what your customers are saying about your product and your brand.

Business operations

Are you tired of business teams manually inputting partial data to inform technical teams of updates?

Customer experience

Do you dream of having a magic tool that will instantly let you know what your customers think about your product?

Customer support

Do you want to be able to proactively reduce support ticket volumes while improving the features of your product to address revenue growth?

Analysts and researchers

Is your team wasting time managing inaccurate support data as a result of ununified tagging?

Customer growth

Having a hard time identifying insights to drive growth from customer feedback?

Product operations

Do you find it difficult to make good product prioritization decisions when you rely on inconsistent data and a limited understanding of your customers?

Customer insights

Is it time to stop guessing if your customers are satisfied based on partial surveys and NPS scores?

Product development

Frustrated that users aren’t taking advantage of all the awesome features your product offers?

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