Bringing your customers' voice
to the decision table

Tagado is changing the way companies gather and use customer feedback with our NLP-based text analytics tool.
With automatic unified tagging and actionable insights, you’ll gain valuable customer insights to change the way you work.

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You need to understand your customer data.
We’ve got you covered.

Rounding up customer data is time-consuming and doesn’t tap into the full potential of your team. We’ll give you access to the critical information you need together with actionable insights to improve the way you work and analyze with our natural language processing technology.

Uncover micro-detailed insights

Plug in into your own insight engine powered by machine learning models that will constantly generate automatic alerts in real-time.

Make the data accessible

Democratize the customers’ feedback and make it available for everyone in the organization: from Customer experience, product, UI/UX designers, QA, billing, community or marketing leaders.

Monitor trends, topics or keywords

Use different levels of categorization to drill down into the data, generate smart reports, set up alerts and monitor by events to be on top of your game.

Customized topic categorization

Generate a unified tagging system for all your customers’ feedback, you can base it on your organization breakdown or let Tagado’s platform to classify automatically.


Tagado Main Product Features

Real-time insights

Cutting-edge data exploration

Advanced machine
learning models

Tailored alerts and notification

Sharable reports

Event tracking



No matter your title or position,
Tagado will change the way you work

Today’s market focuses on a customer centric approach. Whether you’re on the business side, product, or customer facing, you need to know what people are saying about you (sometimes the truth hurts, we know). We’ve gathered up some of the top ways that Tagado can help you.

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