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Delivering a consistent service experience across the organization while promoting operational efficiency is the core aim of service teams. The key challenge they face, however, is having a flow of qualitative customer feedback insights in real time. This is why giving every person integrating with customers full and easy access to impactful knowledge is so transformative.

Use Powerful Qualitative Analytics

Incorporate transformative qualitative analysis of all CX data sources into your service data programs across all teams.

Understand Trends

Monitor service and feedback trends with the ability to instantly perform root cause analysis.

Access Hi-Res Insights

Gain high-res insights from large amounts of ticketing and call transcriptions data, and measure against public feedback data to prevent crossover.

Improve Performance

Improve performance at the team and agent levels by swiftly resolving complaints before they become crises, reducing cost to serve.

Collaborate with Ease

Assess CX initiatives over time to measure their impact on churn, retention and growth. This helps ensure better ROI from each customer focused initiative.

Understand Business Impact

Monitor service initiatives over time to link them to business impact and show ROI.

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