Six Tips on How to Use Negative Feedback to Drive Customer Loyalty

Thriving businesses are built on a foundation of happy customers. So, customer negative customer feedback is often perceived as something to dread. But companies that react like this are potentially missing out on a golden opportunity. Bad reviews and comments from less-than-happy customers are often a goldmine of insights that, when leveraged correctly, can drive […]

How Customer Experience Data Can Serve Your Entire Organization, At All Levels

Don’t fall into the trap of believing that customer experience (CX) data is just for your customer service team. A growing number of organizations are discovering how feedback from customers is a goldmine of insights that can transform every level of their business. By actively listening to and analyzing customer feedback, businesses can gain deep […]

Understanding the Voice of the Customer: Leveraging Gen AI and NLP to Analyze CX Feedback

Understanding the Voice of the Customer - Tagado

Navigating the expansive realm of Customer Experience (CX) data presents businesses with both challenges and opportunities. While customer feedback serves as a valuable resource for enhancing products and services, the analysis of extensive unstructured textual feedback poses significant hurdles. The sheer volume of data makes obtaining a clear breakdown of customer sentiments a time-consuming and […]

The Rise of Gen AI: How the Analysis of Customer Feedback in Real-Time is being Transformed

The Rise of Gen AI - Tagado

With a plethora of alternative choices available for consumers in every product and service category, a positive customer experience has become a key differentiator. This has resulted in brands obsessing about ensuring a smooth and engaging customer journey to foster customer loyalty that drives repeat purchases and higher lifetime value. Customer data and feedback have […]

Navigating the Maze: How to Identify and Monitor Trends in Customer Feedback in Real-Time

In the vast and dynamic landscape of customer feedback, finding and monitoring trends is fraught with challenges. One of the primary challenges businesses encounter is the sheer volume of customer feedback. In today’s digital age, customers express their opinions through various channels — social media, review sites, surveys, and more. Sorting through this influx of […]

Overcoming the Limitations of NPS by Using AI and NLP to Gain Actionable Insights From CX Feedback

Overcoming the Limitations of NPS- Tagado

Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys have become a staple in gauging customer loyalty and satisfaction for businesses across various industries. However, while these surveys provide a quantitative measurement of customer sentiment, extracting meaningful insights from NPS data can pose significant challenges. There are many hurdles in deriving actionable insights from NPS surveys such as: 1) […]

Tagado’s New Smart Monitoring Tool Categorizes and Groups Customer Feedback in Real-Time

PR Monitor Tagado

NEW YORK, February 21, 2024 — Tagado, the AI analytics provider of high-res CX data intelligence, has announced the launch of its new feedback trends monitor, that automatically allows CX, service and product teams to segment feedback into issues so evolving trends can be instantly prioritized, assigned, resolved and monitored over time.  Traditional planning and […]

2023: Tagado Pushed the Boundaries of AI and NLP to Deliver Granular, Actionable Insights from CX Data

Customer feedback can be a goldmine for businesses to drive product development, increase loyalty and dramatically improve customer satisfaction. The problem, however, is translating this vast amount of unstructured data into actionable insights.  Organizations struggle to achieve this by manually tagging and classifying their customer feedback. This process, however, is not only labor intensive and […]

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