Bridging the gap: How Tagado’s innovative NLP technology helps companies efficiently utilize customer feedback

ChatGPT has unleashed a revolution in NLP technology by introducing executives to its power and potential. Now, companies are eager to find out how they can best utilize this innovation within their organization – with many new products emerging as solutions. Tagado is leading the pack; it’s cutting-edge platform solves one of today’s greatest business problems around customer feedback analysis while transforming how organizations understand their customers going forward.

Companies that want to succeed must maintain a deep connection with their customers, as well as deliver exceptional service. To help in this endeavor, Tagado provides businesses with access to invaluable customer input data through its innovative technology. This enables companies not only gain insight into the valuable textural feedback from users but also harness it for better understanding and analysis.

Today, companies have an abundance of sources for customer interactions – from social media posts to recorded live chat assistance. Though all this data can offer valuable insights on consumer behaviors’ and preferences, most businesses are not aware of the potential or utilizing it efficiently – Tagado helps bridge that gap! With its powerful tools, user experience will be enhanced by understanding what customers need so products and services can improve with minimal effort.

Tagado’s platform is one of the most advanced platforms today for customer feedback analytics. The platform is equipped with magical features that are completely changing the way in which companies are taking decisions, improving them for the better and directly influencing the bottom line of customer satisfaction measurements and retention. 

Here are 10 amazing examples of the main functionality that Tagado can provide to your teams and how they can start making more efficient and smart decisions

  1. Unified tagging system: Tagado applies a unified tagging system that is used uniformly and consistently throughout all your customer feedback data. This helps ensure that no data is misplaced or lost in the categorization process, which can happen when data is tagged manually by different representatives.
  2. Customized topic breakdown: While Tagado automatically identifies the top topics from your customer feedback data, it also allows for customized topic creation according to a company’s specific terminology, making it easy to integrate into existing departments and processes.
  3. Lookalike identification: Using Tagado’s platform, companies can easily find and categorize “lookalike” content, making it easier to identify users presenting similar complaints, challenges, or suggestions and address them accordingly.
  4. Open question GPT-like functionality: Tagado’s platform allows companies to ask open questions directly to the database and get a coherent answer that relies on all of the integrated data. In essence, companies are able to ask a question to all of their users simultaneously and get the answer they most likely would have given.
  5. Real-time monitoring: Tagado enables companies to monitor specific issues over time and check the influence of events or actions in customer feedback trends. This helps companies identify the actions that are influencing their customers the most and be able to repeat them when relevant.
  6. Microtrends and micro insights discovery: With Tagado’s platform, companies will never miss a new trend. The platform constantly monitors and alerts on irregularities or trends from the data so that they will not miss any small issues that customers are presenting.
  7. Complete business intelligence picture: Tagado’s platform completes the missing piece in a company’s business intelligence puzzle. With its qualitative data analytics, companies can go beyond analyzing customer behavior and gain further insight into their customers’ perception towards their products – helping them make informed decisions that guarantee improved satisfaction ratings.
  8. Improved product prioritization: With Tagado’s platform, companies can better understand what their customers are thinking about the different product features they create. They can also better understand the main pain points for their customers and their main suggestions, making the product prioritization process much easier to assess.
  9. Make the data accessible: Tagado makes qualitative data accessible to anyone in the organization, making it easy to understand, drill down into, and analyze. The data can be organized under the same topics and terminology that your employees use, making it even easier to integrate in existing processes.
  10. More than just general customer sentiment: Tagado enables you to drill down to any theme, topic, or keyword sentiment breakdown. Tagado gives you the power to go deep into any subject. This allows for a nuanced understanding of customer sentiment towards specific products, features, or services – not just an overall score. With this insight in hand, take your product and service optimization strategies to the next level.


Tagado’s platform is revolutionizing the way companies approach operations and decision making, leveraging intelligent technology to automate processes while ensuring that human resources are utilized in areas where machines cannot help – offering insights they were never capable of before.

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