Is AI the future of content? Part 2: Changing the way you work

It won’t be long before NLP and AI are just the stuff of every day life when it comes to content

A time when you can use generative AI to: 

  • Create an entire animated movie
  • Write 100 ads at the click of a button
  • Create a amazing visuals and designs in minutes
  • Create a compleate code for a digital product `
  • Produce daily social posts in minutes
  • Power a virtual assistant that can answer questions, schedule meetings, and perform other tasks
  • And so much more

The idea of creating content with AI and NLP is just the beginning and the opportunities will be endless…


And what about content consumption? 

Imagine how you can use it on the consumption side of content:

  • Translate a book instantly
  • Summarize a 70-page academic paper into two paragraphs in one minute
  • Gather business data from a wide range of sources and organize it 
  • Make predictions based on patterns discovered from large amounts of data
  • Automate processes such as scheduling meetings or tracking inventory
  • Generate financial forecasts based on historical data and other factors
  • And so much more

AI and NLP take the power of this technology to an entirely new level.

Do you have also an idea of what this technology will do in your work space?


Stay tuned.


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