The AI tool that’s empowering product development teams to make better decisions

For a long time, digital companies have struggled to connect their technical teams to the business side, leading to a disconnect between departments and assumptions that the business side should be responsible for development priorities. Until now, product analytics and optimization have been based solely on quantitative data collected throughout the user journey and user behavior. However, thanks to advancements in AI and natural language processing (NLP) technology, customer feedback can now be analyzed and structured to provide an additional layer of data for product development. This is where Tagado’s innovative platform comes into play.

Tagado is the most advanced AI text analytics platform that utilizes NLP in a smart way, revolutionizing the way developers and product managers approach their tasks.

Here are some examples of how Tagado’s platform can benefit the technology teams:

  • Increased customer intelligence: By adding qualitative data to existing quantitative data, product teams gain a deeper understanding of their customers’ thoughts and can drill down into specific functionality queries, taking their customer intelligence and product analytics to new levels of understanding.
  • Direct question functionality: Similar to GPT, Tagado’s platform enables product teams to ask open-ended questions and receive relevant answers based on all of the customers’ feedback collected. This allows businesses to discover customer pain points, suggestions, liked features, emerging issues, and more.
  • Product roadmap and prioritization improvements: Tagado’s platform enables product teams to drill down into customers’ main complaints and concerns in real-time, making smarter prioritization on the development roadmap.
  • Tracking and monitoring: Tagado allows businesses to track and monitor the influence of their product releases on specific topics and customer insights, sentiments, and complaints. This enables teams to monitor the influence of events and see how they affected the overall feedback sentiment and volume.
  • Break-down by customer tier: Tagado’s platform allows businesses to analyze and monitor issues based on the customer tier they influence, enabling them to address specific issues according to overall user importance and company strategy.

Tagado’s platform offers product development and R&D teams a powerful tool for gaining insights into their customers’ needs, pain points, suggestions, and concerns. By integrating this qualitative data into their analysis, teams can take a more customer-centric approach to product development, leading to customized solutions that truly resonate with their audience. With Tagado, teams can leverage advanced NLP technology to tap into the voice of the customer and gain a deeper understanding of what drives their preferences and behaviors. This can ultimately lead to better products and happier customers.

According to a study by PwC, 63% of CEOs believe that customer insights should drive R&D, yet only 25% of R&D executives say that their teams are effective at gathering and using customer insights. This disconnect between executive vision and R&D execution can result in products that don’t meet customer needs or that aren’t optimized for success in the market.
Discover the secret to creating more successful products and delivering a top-notch customer experience! With Tagado’s innovative technology, R&D teams can effortlessly collect and analyze real-time customer feedback. Utilizing advanced NLP and AI text analytics, businesses gain unparalleled insights into actual customer needs, enabling them to make data-driven decisions and stay ahead of the curve. In fact, according to Bain & Company, businesses that integrate customer intelligence data into their product development can achieve a 4-8% increase in market share and a 20-30% increase in customer lifetime value.

So what are you waiting for? Supercharge your R&D team with Tagado today!

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