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Customer experience

In the mission to give customers the best experience possible, Tagado gives you the ability to understand what your customers are saying in your public an private databases. Use our insights to give your customers the ultimate experience and keep them coming back each time.


Revolutionize your customer feedback management with the power of AI. Our unified tagging and AI categorization will level up your customer understanding. Gain unparalleled visibility into your customer landscape and empower data-driven decision-making.

Prompting for answers

Gone are the days of combing through feedback data to find answers. Our prompt feature enables to ask direct questions and get answers from the data set. This powerful feature eliminates guesswork and provides precise responses in seconds.

AI insights engine and alerts

Our cutting-edge engine automatically identifies and highlights the most pressing concerns, emerging trends, sentiment shifts, valuable suggestions, pain points, and crucial needs expressed by your customers, all in real-time.

NPS deeper analytics

Elevate your NPS surveys with our AI text analytics and gain unprecedented detail and actionable insights to enhance the customer experience. Break down feedback into themes, and topics, empowering you to strengthen services, products, and experiences.

Monitoring your impact over time

Our monitoring system enables you to follow up on issue behavior and see the impact of actions taken, ultimately leading to increased customer satisfaction levels. Make informed decisions for long-term solutions with ease.

Filter with your customer metrics

We go beyond text allowing to effortlessly incorporate a wide range of your customer parameters. Whether it's location, type, lifetime value, or any other filtering option. Uncover the untapped potential within your customer data like never before.

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Bringing your customers' voice to the decision table