2023: Tagado Pushed the Boundaries of AI and NLP to Deliver Granular, Actionable Insights from CX Data

Customer feedback can be a goldmine for businesses to drive product development, increase loyalty and dramatically improve customer satisfaction. The problem, however, is translating this vast amount of unstructured data into actionable insights. 

Organizations struggle to achieve this by manually tagging and classifying their customer feedback. This process, however, is not only labor intensive and time consuming, but also prone to human error, and frequently leads to inefficient and inaccurate results. 

With advancements in technology, converting quantitative customer experience (CX) data into qualitative insights has become more feasible. However, deriving valuable insights from CX data requires leveraging state-of-the-art NLP with tailored business learning. Unfortunately, few companies have the required capabilities to accomplish this because the analytics tools they employ lack the technological prowess to autonomously standardize, tag, and categorize feedback data. 

The absence of this capability impedes the ability of organizations to segment and extract actionable insights from their CX data. Consequently, organizations utilizing these constrained solutions struggle to share essential data internally, hindering stakeholders from making well-informed decisions.


Extracting Insights Using a Unique and Innovative Blend of AI and ML

The innovative utilization of advances in Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAI) and Machine Learning (ML) has allowed Tagado to produce unrivaled, finely tuned, actionable granular insights from customer feedback. This innovation delivers the insights needed to instantly align teams around what customers want and need, to boost satisfaction, retention and growth.

Tagado’s advancements in the use of NLP and GAI has seen it establish a significant lead enhancing the actionable insights obtained from text-based customer feedback well beyond what other solutions offer. These insights can be derived from any feedback channel, allowing users to apply filters based on specific product areas, user categories, date ranges, and additional criteria. Subsequently, the outcomes are categorized and organized, providing teams with invaluable knowledge to easily perform root cause analysis to drive business excellence.


monday.com: Transforming Customer Feedback into Actionable Insights

This innovative approach was key in monday.com, the leading work operating software platform, choosing Tagado in 2023 to transform its customer feedback into qualitative actionable insights to drive product development and improve customer experience.

Before using Tagado, monday.com’s CX Knowledge Managers and Product Analysts had to manually trawl through thousands of CX tickets to understand the reasons and motivations behind customer sentiment. This slow process was negatively impacting monday.com’s time to action.

With monday.com prioritizing a multi-product approach to foster new growth to maintain a lead over the competition, the absence of an automated solution for capturing qualitative insights from CX ticketing was impacting its ability to innovate. This shortfall affected monday.com’s capacity to comprehend customer feedback effectively and hindered its ability to derive actionable insights for informed decision-making.

Implementing Tagado’s advanced AI and NLP allowed the CX and product teams to use customized filters to drill down to get the deeper insights and actionable insights they needed. This is now possible because customer feedback is automatically smartly tagged and classified so CX and product teams can filter feedback and only see questions and enquiries related to their specific area of interest. The result is access to unprecedented detail and actionable insights to refine product development, optimize UI/UX design, enhance customer experiences to enable monday.com fine-tune its offerings inline with the demands of its customers.

However, the benefits of Tagado’s real-time insights extend far beyond CX and products teams and can impact teams across the organization by aligning them around customer needs and wants.


Tagado 2024: Democratizing All Feedback Analytics Across Organizations 

Conventional approaches to examining customer feedback usually rely on manual surveys carried out by specific departments and teams. This manual and siloed approach results in delayed insights, overlooked chances and a failure to share insights across the organization. 

Tagado’s unique approach to AI and NLP technology facilitates the instantaneous analysis of customer feedback, enabling companies to stay nimble and reactive, and makes the resulting insights available throughout the organization. This means the innovations achieved by Tagado in 2023 will be key in democratizing all CX knowledge throughout 2024, and beyond. Tagado will continue to ensure the right data gets to the right people to enable them to make sense of CX data and gain a deep understanding of the why behind the sentiment. 

Tagado’s insights can be leveraged by product managers, customer experience managers, customer success managers, the voice of the customer, QA teams, data analysts, UI/UX designers, business operations and beyond. Its insights also add substantial value across numerous sectors, including marketplaces (e-commerce, travel and leisure, education, services, media, and internet) and financial services (banking, insurance, investment houses, stock market, etc.).

As we enter 2024 Tagado will continue its innovative approach to using the latest advances in AI and NLP to help companies, like monday.com, to revolutionize their ability to utilize insights from customer feedback to optimize product development and customer experience. Stay tuned for more updates and innovations over the coming months. 

Discover how Tagado’s Advanced in AI and NLP can transform your CX data into granular, actionable insights in an instant by booking a demo here.

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