Who can benefit from customer feedback in a company? Everyone. 

If you think that customer insights are for customer experience teams only, think again. 

From product to marketing, finance, UI/UX, Customer experience, QA, and more, almost everyone within an organization can benefit from getting real-time, honest feedback from customers or clients. 

Let’s take a look at a few examples that show how customer feedback can benefit different teams. These examples were taken straight from public data in the Tagado database for each company.


TikTok – The demand for a “dark mode” on Android phones

We searched the app stores and analyzed 28,905 public reviews regarding TikTok. We discovered that Android users specifically were asking for a dark mode. 

This insight allows the team to understand that this feature which is available on iPhones (dark mode) is in great demand for Android users. Product teams can consider integrating it into these apps, boosting customer satisfaction. 

Not only that, UI/UX and user research teams can gain valuable insights regarding the appropriate way to design the application to make the user experience optimal. 


Airbnb – The demand to restore the “pet-friendly” filter

Based on insights from 6,134 public reviews on the app stores, we discovered that Airbnb users are anxious to get the “pet-friendly” filter back. 

This is valuable information for the product team who learn that there is interest in bringing the feature back.

The marketing team can now understand that pet owners are interested in bringing their pets on vacation with them. When the feature is back, marketers can use this info to target pet lovers and offer them attractive suggestions for traveling with pets. 


Netflix – Mobile users are asking to fix unreadable subtitles

Based on insights from 4,694 app stores and review sites we discovered that mobile users are having a hard time reading subtitles and want this fixed. 

This means that customer service teams can understand that there is an issue with non -English speaking users and can reach out to them to get more information and keep them updated.

At the same time, the product team can investigate the issue of unreadable subtitles. The QA teams can also look into the reason for missing this apparent issue and how to get to the bottom of it. 


Moovit – Users are willing to pay for an ads-free version

Customers are interested in paying more? This is every company’s dream! We looked at 2,297 pieces of public feedback from app stores and review sites and found that users were willing to pay so that they wouldn’t have ads!

This is huge for business operations and development and finance teams who can look into new sources of revenue that they may not have thought were interesting or possible before. It also gives customer service teams valuable insights into something that their customers are unhappy with (advertisements). 


Uber – Customers are being charged for driver cancelations

Oops! Based on 8,568 pieces of feedback from app stores and review sites, Uber customers say that they are being charged for rides even when the driver cancels. 

This is obviously an important piece of information for Uber to have, that they may not have been able to understand on their own. While complaints certainly came in to the customer service team, this type of data may not have come together as a widespread problem in the app. 

This customer feedback serves the customer-facing teams as well as finance who have to deal with returning the money to the customers, and product who need to fix the bug in the app. 


WhatsApp – Customers want the ability to interact with statuses

Based on 14,537 pieces of public feedback from app stores and review sites, we discovered that WhatsApp users are interested in adding reactions and tags to status messages on the app. 

Who can use this information in the company? Probably everyone. It gives important insights into how users are using the app, the different ways they are interested in interacting with their contacts, a potential revenue stream, and more. 


If we found these insights from public data, just imagine what can happen with private data

The amount of data out there is massive. Tagado has access to private data floating around on the internet for all companies. But, companies looking to take a deep dive into meaningful data straight from their customers, need to look at support tickets by giving Tagado access to this private data. 

Find out more about the data that Tagado can find and analyze from public and private sources on our website. 

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