AI generated insights: 5 key benefits of NLP in analyzing customer feedback

In today’s digital era, companies are inundated with an overwhelming amount of customer feedback. Whether it’s through social media, online reviews, or direct communication, businesses need a robust solution to efficiently analyze and make sense of this valuable information. Enter artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) technologies, which are revolutionizing the way companies […]

Revolutionizing CRM with AI and NLP: A guide to enhanced efficiency

The evolution of CRM systems: From single function to multi-functional platforms In the ever-evolving business ecosystem, companies find themselves in an unavoidable race to adopt and adapt to emerging technologies. Among the plethora of technologies impacting the business world, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems hold a significant place. Initially, CRM systems were introduced with the […]

Staying ahead in the streaming wars: Embracing AI-powered insights with Tagado

The streaming entertainment industry is fiercely competitive and providers are facing a daunting challenge in securing their market share. In order to succeed in this cutthroat environment, industry professionals must recognize the power of AI tools and learn how to effectively integrate them into their strategies. This article will explore the history of the industry, […]

The rise of AI in CX: Say hello to Tagado’s platform

In today’s era of rapid AI advancement, businesses across industries are eagerly exploring the potential of emerging technologies to enhance their operations. Customer experience professionals, as key drivers of customer satisfaction, face unique challenges in their quest to deliver exceptional experiences. In this article, we will delve into the pain points encountered by these professionals, […]

Uncover the unseen: AI text analytics for advanced research and insights

In this era of rapid technological advancements, AI technology is transforming various industries, and research and business intelligence are no exceptions. As companies strive to gain a competitive edge and stay ahead of the curve, integrating advanced tools like Tagado’s AI Text Analytics Platform becomes essential for success in the future. The rise of AI […]

Unveiling the Voice of the Customer: Tagado’s AI Text analytics platform for customer insights managers

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, understanding and addressing customer needs is paramount to maintaining a competitive edge. customer insights managers play a crucial role in deciphering the voice of the customer, gaining valuable insights from feedback data, and driving customer-centric strategies. However, the traditional process of analyzing customer feedback can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. […]

Beyond numbers: How NLP is transforming data analysis for software development

Data analysis has long been a cornerstone of optimizing business processes and improving customer experiences. Historically, it has relied heavily on quantitative data, tracking user behavior and calculating percentages at each step of the customer journey. This approach has enabled companies to refine their funnels and achieve their goals. However, with the advancement of AI […]

Navigating the self-served support landscape: How Tagado elevates knowledge base management

For years, companies have grappled with the challenge of managing an ever-increasing number of support tickets and customer demands. As digital products grow in complexity, organizations have turned to self-served help centers as a solution to alleviate the strain on support teams. These centers have long been recognized as a preferred method for users to […]

Breaking the barrier: Tagado’s AI unlocks the secrets hidden in NPS surveys

In today’s fast-paced business environment, understanding and satisfying customer needs have become more challenging than ever before. Customers are becoming increasingly demanding, with higher expectations for the products and services they receive. As a result, companies must adapt their strategies to accurately analyze customer satisfaction levels to stay ahead of the competition. While Net Promoter […]

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